CAROL KOZLOWSKI / Abstract Artist

Born and Raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Moved to San Francisco in 1969. Relocated to Coal Creek Canyon, CO in 2000. Studio: "12 paws". I paint and draw using pallet knives, brushes, my hands, acrylic, charcoal, India ink, pencil, oil pastel, graphite .... basically whatever I can get my hands on! Using raw canvas tacked on the wall of my studio (12 paws), I begin the process. Abstraction mixed with Nature, Color and Geometry is the heart and soul of my work. Recently, I have been drawing a few geometric lines on a canvas and a character representing todays youth and their daily life appears which makes me laugh and I hope you laugh too! In the paintings; Justice, Love, Freedom, Joy, Identity, Music and Movement, words were given to me by friends and strangers engaging the viewer. I created the painting through abstract interpretation of the word. "Beyond" is a series of painting in which I ask the viewer to "LOOK BEYOND" the current conditions of the world today. Topics include HOPE, THE WORLD, BEAUTY and THROUGH THE SCREEN DOOR (1 & 2).

Open Studios Boulder,CO 2017, Semi-Finalist, Bombay Artisans Series 2017, Solo Show 2017, Dezmond Room, Coquette's Bistro, Colorado Springs, CO., Guest at "Cedar Street Studios", Boulder, CO., ADL (Anti-Defamation League) Invitational "Justice" painting, Niza Knoll Gallery, Denver, CO, Student Art League of Denver Summer Art Market (Award Winner), Spark Gallery, Denver, CO, Core Gallery, Denver, CO, Library Gallery, Boulder, CO, El Dorado Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO (1st Place)

Alliance College
Fort Mason, San Francisco
Lived and studied Art, Italy
University of Colorado, Boulder
Art Student League of Denver